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playstation portal charging stand

playstation portal accessoriesplaystation portal accessories

playstation portal standplaystation portal stand

charging stand for ps portal remote playercharging stand for ps portal remote player

ps5 handheld consoleps5 handheld console

playstation portalplaystation portal

2-in-1 Charger Kit: Designed specifically for the PlayStation Portal, this kit includes a dock and converter to store and charge your Playstation Portal remote, eliminating cable clutter and keeping your gaming area tidy, making it the perfect charging station for your console. (Note: Please remove the protective cover during charging)
Designed for PS Portal: This charging stand is perfectly compatible with PlayStation Portal, and the angled design makes it easier to insert and remove your console. The U-shaped appearance of the dock allows you to connect charging adapters and headphones to the PS Portal, play games while charging, enhancing your gaming experience and reducing hand fatigue.
Extra Adapter: Equipped with an adapter with USB-C jack and 3.5mm headphone jack, it can change the original charging angle of the console, which is convenient for charging the console and connecting the headphones, allowing you to reduce the damage caused to the headphones and charging cables during gaming and charging on the stand, and avoid tangled wires.
Non-slip Design: The charging base for PlayStation Portal comes with 5 non-slip pads on the bottom of the stand to increase stability and prevent it from tipping or sliding. Meanwhile, the notch of the stand also has 2 extra-long non-slip silicone pads to prevent your console from swaying or accidentally slipping, which better protects your console and provides a safe and reliable charging environment.
Easy to use: Plug the PS Portal into the adapter and place it on the stand, connect the cable and you’re ready to go. Optimize your charging method and make charging more convenient. The white minimalist look matches your console perfectly and is perfect for storing and displaying your PS portal, making it the perfect gift for PlayStation Portal gamers.


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