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GREAT GAMING CHAIR: easy to move and place right in front of a tv. Very comfortable, provides back support, takes up little space, and stylish for both children and adults.Â
PERFECT FOR YOGA AND MEDITATION: This chair is low to the ground which allows one to complete all yoga moves. With a comfortable cushion and structured frame it helps one maintain proper posture while exercising/meditating.
READING: Take this chair anywhere you want and sit down and open up a good book. This chair prevents one from hunching their back and getting sore.
PARENTS AND FAMILIES love these chairs. They allow parents to be hands on with their children and be more interactive without compromising their posture or comfort. These chairs take up little space and are lightweight so that children can put them away themselves.
SPACE SAVING: Compact and stackable. Perfect for a classroom, home, apartment, or office. Makes a perfect gift to give to someone heading off to college.


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