NYT Mini Crossword at the moment: puzzle solutions for Thursday, Might 16

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Treasure crossword puzzles however don’t fill all day to sit down and clear up a full-sized puzzle in your every day newspaper? That’s what The Mini is for!

A bite-sized model of the Current York Occasions’ well-known crossword puzzle, The Mini is a fast and simple method to check your crossword abilities every day in quite a bit much less time (the typical puzzle takes most gamers simply over a minute to unravel). Whereas The Mini is smaller and less complicated than a standard crossword, it isn’t at all times straightforward. Tripping up on one clue will be the disagreement between a private greatest completion time and an embarrassing clear up try.

Identical to our Wordle hints and Connections hints, we’re right here to support with The Mini at the moment when you’re caught and wish a petite support.

Under are the solutions for the NYT Mini crossword at the moment.

NYT Mini Crossword solutions at the moment

Current York Occasions


  • Exercise a swizzle stick – STIR
  • Vowel sound represented by an upside-down “e” – SCHWA
  • Deck that incorporates a card known as Wheel of Fortune – TAROT
  • With no person else round – ALONE
  • Eye of ___ (witches’ brew ingredient in “Macbeth”) – NEWT


  • Accomplish-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do – SCALE
  • The primary “t” of #tbt – THROW
  • “You’ll be able to’t invent me!” – IWONT
  • $100/evening, e.g. – RATE
  • Persian suffix in seven nation names – STAN

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