Methods to sail solo in Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves is supposed to be performed as share of a crew. You and just a few buddies loot and plunder the seas (and different gamers) as a workforce. That’s not the one method to sail the seven seas, nonetheless. In case you’d desire to sail alone, you may as well pick to the ocean on a smaller, extra nimble ship. Taking over the pirate life with none befriend might be particularly powerful — you don’t gain any backup in emergencies, and if you happen to speed up towards a crew of different gamers, you’ll gain to pick them on at an obstacle.

It’s potential to succeed on the excessive seas all by your lonesome, although, if you happen to play to the strengths of working alone. You might be smaller, faster, and stealthier than different crews and the galleons you would possibly gain to face. In case you’re good about it, you possibly can win battles, escape emergencies, sneak previous enemies, and plunder an entire bunch of loot. Exhaust the following tips to maximise your effectiveness as a solo buccaneer.

Sail on Safer Seas


One lengthy overdue addition to Sea of Thieves was the Safer Seas mode. This mode helps you to play both alone or with solely a crew of teammates with no panic of different gamers interrupting your pirate escapades. This mode doesn’t embody all of the content material in the traditional mode, and you may earn much less rewards for what you accomplish accomplish, but it surely is by far the most effective method to bag your sea legs and be taught dwell the pirate dwell alone or as a workforce.

Compose brief voyages

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Each time you choose up gold, full a voyage, or collect a bounty in Sea of Thieves, you speed the chance of shedding it. If somebody assaults and kills you, they may pick your stuff. In case your ship sinks, you simply gain a restricted window to seize no matter you had aboard earlier than it joins your ship at the underside of the ocean. So each time you full an goal, you develop into susceptible.

When taking part in solo, strive to finish every voyage as shortly as potential. Buy the shortest route potential and spend as dinky time as potential on open water. Enjoy a draw in situation for what outpost you’ll head to after you full your mission and bag there shortly. In case you wind up on the speed, your greatest wager is to strive to show in no matter you’re carrying earlier than you’re killed. Your ship and your life might be changed, however your stuff is not going to be there while you return.

Dash shadowy

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Whenever you’re on their lonesome on a sloop, it’s essential keep away from battle. Different ships with bigger crews would possibly like entering into battle on the excessive seas, however while you’re alone, stealth is the most effective possibility a lot of the time. Step one to going unnoticed is to douse all of your lanterns so that you’re much less seen at evening. (As we observe in our ship fight information, this can be a apt plan regardless of what.) This doesn’t perform you totally invisible, however a bigger Ship in search of different gamers to loot would possibly miss recognizing you from a distance.

There are different steps you possibly can pick to perform your self as invisible as potential. You’ll be able to camouflage from different ships you notice by placing islands between you and them, and you possibly can increase your sails while you disembark in order that your ship is much less conspicuous. Buy no matter steps you possibly can to perform your self harder to identify in all circumstances — you’ll dwell longer.

At all times be prepared for a fast getaway

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Typically talking, each crew is most uncovered when its ship is stopped close to an island. You’re seen to different crews whilst you’re busy on the island, making it an incredible time for them to establish an ambush. Most gamers know that when a crew shouldn’t be aboard their ship, they’re most likely off gathering useful stuff value stealing. That’s why it’s well-known to pick precautions each time you allow your ship to maintain it (and also you) secure.

First, it’s apt to observe approaching an island at a low velocity so you possibly can park near it. As a substitute of zooming in and counting on dropping your anchor, strive chopping your sails as you method to glide to a conclude in a desired location. Until you’re dealing with storm circumstances, your stopped boat gained’t drift a lot when you’ve lifted the sails, so that you don’t normally want your anchor to maintain your empty boat from shifting. In truth, you would like to depart your boat with the anchor raised, slightly than lowered, most often. It’s a lot faster to board your boat and drop your sail to perform a getaway than it’s to conclude and increase your anchor. Leaving your ship along with your sails raised additionally makes it an incredible deal much less seen, and you possibly can amplify that impact through the use of the island, rocks, and different pure cowl to camouflage from distant spyglasses.

Whereas on an island, camouflage something you would like to carry with you on the seaside however in bushes the place it may’t simply be noticed by anybody passing by, and keep away from loading up till you’re making ready to depart, so nobody can bounce in your ship and steal your stuff whilst you’re not round to conclude them. Lastly, be sure you examine the horizon each earlier than you allow your boat and while you return to it earlier than setting off, so that you don’t bag caught by any surprises while you’re not prepared for them.


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Whereas steering the ship would possibly look like an well-known job with no crewmate to pick the wheel, you don’t all the time gain to be on the helm of your ship. In case you’ve set out for an island and it’s far off, set your sails and wheel to steer the boat straight and pick care of enterprise elsewhere.

Buy benefit of the crow’s nest to bag a greater view of the seas. From there, you possibly can be looking out for enemy ships, shipwrecks to loot, deserted provides, and treasure chests on shorelines. It’s a stunning view as nicely. Simply be sure you maintain an eye fixed on the place your ship is headed and be careful for uncharted rocks.

Purpose low on offense

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Simply as a result of you’re in a comparatively fragile ship doesn’t imply you’re defenseless. The sloop is mostly at an obstacle in ship-to-ship fight, however beneath the good circumstances, your sea David can conquer a sea Goliath. On the sloop, cannonballs are stationed on the deck, making it potential to reload shortly. In case you bag in a apt firing place, you possibly can tear into an enemy ship in a short time, perhaps even sink it if its crew isn’t on the ball. Keep in mind when firing on enemy ships that you would like to strive to strike them under the waterline. Harm on the deck doesn’t accomplish a lot to actually affect a ship’s efficiency, even though it’s potential to hit gunners with cannonballs and cancel them outright. What you actually need to accomplish, although, is flood enemy ships. It’ll unhurried them down, pick crew away from weapons to power them to accomplish repairs, and customarily trigger chaos.

In case you’re on the offensive and never in a chase situation, spend your elevated maneuverability to bag behind the enemy ship, or strive to circle it, counting on the state of affairs. In case you can bag the positioning good, you possibly can maintain your broadside and weapons pointed towards the enemy in any respect occasions, whereas taking away their capacity to simply hit you. In case you’re pressured to face their broadside periodically, bag off the deck and spend that point to depart under and restore incoming harm, then return to your weapons after they can’t fireplace again.

Exhaust storms

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Storms perform it powerful for any ship to depart about its ordinary enterprise, and if you happen to’re dealing with a battle situation, heading towards tough seas would possibly truly save your life. Storms have an effect on steering, screw up compasses, harm hulls, and create large waves that perform firing cannons precisely a troublesome proposition. In addition they dump rain on ships that flood their holds with water, albeit slowly. You’ll be able to typically cope with these issues extra shortly on a solo speed than the spacious guys. As such, know that a storm could be a great tool to enable you bag away in a time of want. Taking some harm from spacious waves is preferable to getting blasted with cannons.

Play soiled

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Lone pirates are pure assassins and/or burglars. As a single pirate with a small, maneuverable ship, you’re in an splendid place to sneak aboard different vessels and rob them blind if you happen to’re fast and good. Boarding an enemy ship can confuse an enemy crew that’s not anticipating it, and when you’re in one other ship’s maintain, there are possibilities to accomplish some harm. Many gamers will seize gunpowder barrels from islands, as an illustration, with the draw of utilizing them as depth expenses towards anybody who chases them. In case you discover barrels in an enemy maintain, they develop into bombs you possibly can detonate to sink your adversaries and throw them into chaos. Even simply getting aboard and stabbing just a few individuals is likely to be sufficient to mess up the enemy while you want (or need) to create some chaos.

You too can doubtlessly mess with adversaries you don’t need to full-on tangle with. In case you sneak up on an enemy ship in a location the place it’s essential be, strive setting their sails and letting their ship sail off with out them. The distraction might be helpful to enable you bag what you wish, and towards a single participant, it would possibly ship them away from an outpost or an island you would like to discover, reducing the prospect that you simply’ll bag killed alongside the best way.

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