Learn how to gain pets in Sea of Thieves

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A pirate is just as sturdy as their crew, however you may’t at all times rely in your typical mates to be round in Sea of Thieves. Pirates aren’t so totally different from us in that they savor having an animal companion round to withhold them firm on lengthy voyages. Pets can advance in the shape of your typical pirate animals like monkeys and parrots, however you can too gain your self a cuddly cat, canine, or fox as effectively. You’ll be able to’t proceed out and discover one within the wild to tame like another video games. Pets in Sea of Thieves can solely be obtained in a single method, and we absorb the treasure map to steer you just to the acknowledge.


Learn how to gain a pet

Pets had been added round a yr after the recreation launched, and absorb expanded to incorporate extra pets and outfits you may gown them up in.

Step 1: Open the Pirate Emporium store both by visiting it within the recreation or by means of the important menu.

Step 2: Choose the Pets tab on the highest row.

Step 3: Select which style of pet you should buy: Parrots, Canine, Monkey,s Cats, or Collector’s Pets. The latter possibility is simply particular skins for the present pets.

Step 4: If you’ve sufficient Historical Cash, you may merely buy a pet. If not, your solely two choices are to grind them by killing Historical Skeletons and hoping you gain some as a drop, reaching particular Renown ranges and getting them as a reward throughout some seasons, or shopping for them with actual cash from the store. Here is how a lot the bundles price:

  • 50 cash — $2
  • 550 cash — $6
  • 1,000 cash — $10
  • 2,550 cash — $23
  • 4,250 cash — $35

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