Learn how to acquire to Monkey Island in Sea of Thieves

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Over the course of its a few years of updates and expansions, Sea of Thieves has had a couple of notable crossovers with different pirate franchises. The Pirates of the Caribbean crossover allow you to staff up with the legendary Jack Sparrow, however the Monkey Island content material felt prefer it got here out of nowhere. For these unaware, Monkey Island is a collection of pirate point-and-click video games that had been as comic because the puzzles had been obscure. Fortunately, you do not gain to intuit that you might want to mix a cat whisker with a mason jar to bypass a skeleton guard to acquire to this unique content material, however it is tougher than you may judge.


Learn how to attain the Monkey Island content material

There are four main steps you might want to retract earlier than you’re granted entry to Monkey Island and all of the content material it has to supply. When you full the “A Pirate’s Life” Tall Story, you may uncover tons of microscopic references and lore bits associated to that basic collection.

Step 1: Start the “A Pirate’s Life” Tall Story from the menu or by visiting The Castaway at any of the sport’s outposts.

Step 2: Comply with the target to the eerie pirate city and discover the Cursed Captain within the cage after lighting the lantern and going inside.

Step 3: It’s essential to discover the key recipe by going into the ship to the left and alongside the mast down into the water to seek out a pulley system you should utilize to achieve the Captain’s Quarters, which is locked.

Step 4: Discover the opposite pulley right here that lifts up some cargo you should utilize to platform to the following ship.

Step 5: Bewitch a moral to seek out yet one more pulley to hotfoot a set of planks shut sufficient to leap throughout each to acquire throughout the hole.

Two elevated platforms in Sea of Thieves.


Step 6: Proceed into the close by cave and discover Captain Bones’ Particular Recipe, however go away it on that ship.

Step 7: Proceed again to the mast and climb up above the Cursed Captain and cleave the rope to drop the cage.

Step 8: Now retract the recipe and go away it by the cage so you may choose up the Cursed Captain’s cranium.

A skeleton pirate head in a cage in Sea of Thieves.


Step 9: Sight for the ship with pink sails and discover the path of gold on the bottom resulting in a graveyard.

Step 10: Dig up the contemporary grave to seek out Poor Dougie and he’ll examine you to deliver the treasure his key opens.

Step 11: Backtrack to the cage and head left throughout a wood platform to the rear of one other ship.

Step 12: There will probably be a skeleton inside on a mattress with curtains you may hotfoot earlier than going out a door to the moral up some stairs.

Step 13: Mild all three lanterns on the walkway then travel again down and hotfoot the skeleton’s arm.

Step 14: This may level a magnifying glass at a treasure map.

Step 15: Proceed again exterior to the place the highway forks to the tavern and one other damaged ship. Dig moral the place the highway forks.

Step 16: Bewitch the treasure you discover again to Poor Dougie and he’ll allow you to open it and accumulate Poor Dougie’s Medallion.

Step 17: Set the medallion again by the captain and choose up the recipe you left there to deliver to the fork within the highway.

Step 18: Proceed left into the damaged ship to seek out two pirates taking part in chess.

Step 19: Mild the candle and let the 2 play, refilling one in every of the skeleton’s drinks with the recipe once they know it’s empty.

Two skeletons playing chess in Sea of Thieves.


Step 20: After a heated conclusion to the match, assign the medallion on the desk and the Captain’s cranium on the now headless skeleton to complete the sport.

Step 21: Bewitch the Ship’s Key all the way in which again to the Captain’s Quarter we talked about close to the beginning.

Step 22: Exercise the pulley to modify the sails after which travel retrieve the cranium another time to deliver it to the lighthouse.

Step 23: Establish the cranium on one other headless skeleton at the highest when you gentle the lighthouse at the highest and the three lanterns on the cliffs. Ignore the Ferry of the Damned that arrives for now.

Step 24: Focus the lighthouse’s gentle to the moral so far as it’s going to travel and ogle for a hidden brazier that can set off a collection of inexperienced fires.

Step 25: Proceed again to the pirate city and there will probably be a unique signal studying “Sailor’s Grave” beside a unique bridge.

Step 26: Cross it and you’ll hear the Monkey Island music kick in and may begin exploring the secrets and techniques of the island!

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