How one can add a customized coat of arms in Manor Lords

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Should you actually need to really feel just like the lord of your personal kingdom in Manor Lords, it would be best to compose the expertise as personalised as potential. Naming your budding village is an awesome begin, however your coat of arms is a visible illustration of your kingdom that seems much more prominently. When you find yourself beginning a fresh sport, you’ll gain a first rate choice of symbols, designs, and colours to compose one thing frosty from, however there’s removed from infinite freedom. You finish gain the means to create any coat of arms you would like, although it does assume some further work exterior of the sport itself. This is how it really works.

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How one can add a customized coat of arms

Sadly, there aren’t any in-game instruments or methods to let you’ve got full management over your coat of arms. If you must design something your thoughts can advance up with, that is the one method for now.

Step 1: Obtain the coat of arms template PNG from the official Manor Lords press package.

Step 2: Open this file in your photo-editing software program of alternative.

Step 3: Create no matter customized design you want inside the bounds of the template.

Step 4: Delete the template_custom_coat.png layer and save your closing design.

Step 5: Open up C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalManorLordsSavedSaveGames* and save your file underneath the title *custom_coat.png.

Step 6: Click on on the Load Customized Texture within the coat of arms display screen.

Step 7: Your custom-made design will seem and be able to exercise.

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