Homeworld 3 overview: lengthy awaited sci-fi sequel disappoints

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“Homeworld 3’s huge galaxy clashed with the bounds of a poorly paced marketing campaign and buggy missions.”


  • Thrilling area fight
  • Wonderful visuals
  • Seamless interface and digital camera


  • Disappointing account
  • Buggy conduct
  • Multiplayer is blended

It’s been greater than 20 years since we final noticed a mainline entry within the Homeworld franchise – not counting remasters (2015) and Deserts of Kharak (2016), after all. Now, the lengthy look forward to followers is lastly over with the upcoming launch of Homeworld 3. The most recent sci-fi, real-time technique (RTS) sport from Blackbird Interactive guarantees thrilling area battles, with you in charge of a fleet ofships.

Set 100 years after the occasions of the second sport within the sequence, Homeworld 3 presents an expertise that’s each acquainted and recent. There are particular enhancements to graphics and digital camera controls, issues that modern-day audiences would esteem, as nicely as ideas and mechanics for veterans. Sadly, a litany of points mar what might own been a exceptional return to its vibrant universe.

From historical past to delusion

Homeworld 3 continues the account of the Hiigarans. Those that are current to the sequence needn’t fear, as there’s a “Historical past of Homeworld” cinematic within the Extras menu that fills you in on the main points. Beneath the management of Karan S’jet, the Hiigarans had been capable of reclaim their planet, all whereas heading off incursions from tyrannical empires. A century has handed since these victories, and Karan herself has handed from reminiscence to delusion. Now, Karan’s successor, Imogen S’jet, goals to information the Khar-Kushan fleet as its navigator.

This kick-starts Homeworld 3’s marketing campaign, one which introduces the specter of the Anomaly. A sequence of disturbances throughout the galaxy has seen the collapse of elements of the Hyperspace Gate Community, with planets destroyed and whole star techniques darkened. It then results in the introduction of a current menace: the Incarnate faction.

Homeworld 3 shines because of its real-time technique gameplay.

After taking part in the remastered Homeworld video games and Deserts of Kharak, albeit briefly, I used to be fascinated by seeing the narrative arc develop in Homeworld 3. Upon finishing the marketing campaign, I walked away disenchanted because the account is a step down in comparison with its predecessors’. With out spoiling an excessive amount of, let’s simply remark that the narrative arc depends on drained broken-down tropes, a relatively comical villain, and targets that really feel far faraway from what’s at stake.

Although the account disappoints, Homeworld 3 shines because of its real-time technique gameplay. Borrowing from its predecessors, the sport offers gamers management of a Mothership, the aforementioned Khar-Kushan, which is capable of assemble quite a lot of spacefaring vessels. These embrace all the pieces from utility choices like Useful resource Controllers and Probes, to quickly Interceptor strikecraft, cumbersome Carriers, and big Battlecruisers.

The understanding, which is

just like Rock, Paper, Scissors, is to expend items that own a tactical benefit in opposition to opposing targets, whereas hitting them from the flanks or rear. For instance, you possibly can own Assault Frigates or Destroyers capture the brunt of the harm, whereas Torpedo Frigates and Railgun Corvettes “snipe” enemy craft from additional behind the road. Then, as you slowly attract opposing squadrons, you possibly can command Interceptors and Fleet Bombers to swoop in from a increased altitude.

The new navigator, Imogen S’jet, listens to an intel transmission in Homeworld 3.Gearbox Publishing

The one-player marketing campaign, which consists of 13 missions, presents an interconnected romp from one close of the galaxy to a different. The understanding is to accumulate your forces whereas preserving present items, as they’re carried over from one mission to the subsequent. Defending the Mothership can also be of utmost significance, since dropping it results in an abrupt sport over.

There’s a missed alternative to reinvent the wheel right here. On condition that items carry over to succeeding missions, I questioned why ideas similar to veterancy (generally seen in different technique video games), fight/heroic perks, and even some RPG aptitude (not less than for the marketing campaign solely) weren’t included. Outdoors of primary upgrades, even ships that survived from the primary mission till the very close nonetheless felt like generic items. There’s nothing improper with an easy, no-nonsense strategy to an RTS. Nonetheless, given the lengthy look forward to a mainline entry to the sequence, I used to be hoping for extra intriguing step ahead that coincided with the idea of increase a large fleet with veteran items.

It doesn’t relieve that the marketing campaign is poorly paced. The primary two missions function tough tutorials, although a separate tutorial already exists. Sure sections are pretty quick, with targets which can be easy and simple, making you judge that finishing them would open up an even bigger battlefield within the void — however then you definately notice that the mission is over.

Sci-fi strike pressure

Beneath its hood, Homeworld 3 sports activities each technical feats and issues. On the optimistic aspect, it appears completely gorgeous. Grand battles and ship dogfights in area are a wondrous sight to behold. There are many jaw-dropping areas and maps similar to derelict gate networks, frigid landscapes, and technologically superior superstations. Maybe my favourite is a mission that takes area in an space with hazy nebula clouds. The Mothership and all my items had been hidden from view, however so had been enemy forces. Close to the close of the mission, all hell broke free, resulting in a blinding show of lasers, cannonades, and explosions.

That power is additional complemented by trendy digital camera controls, permitting for freedom of motion when taking a look at your fleet and surrounding areas. The person interface is extra streamlined, with construct queues on your Mothership (and Carriers) that own drop-down segments, as nicely as a inhabitants tab so you possibly can rapidly verify and group ships of a specific sort. Tactical pause can also be a welcome characteristic within the marketing campaign, because it permits you to pause the motion so you possibly can marvel on the sights or subject further instructions. It’s even doable to leisurely down time as a substitute, supplying you with a window of alternative to react to issues as they happen.

You’d judge that an RTS title that emphasizes tactical gameplay would own fluid controls.

Whereas these elements give the sequel some shine, different issues weigh it down. Naturally, you’d judge that an RTS title that emphasizes tactical gameplay would own fluid controls. Sadly, that’s the place Homeworld 3 veers off target.

A favorable instance is how you possibly can choose a Useful resource Controller and click on on a node. The utility unit will siphon sources solely from that lone deposit, after which flip idle although there are different nodes close by. You too can hit the “H” key to auto-harvest supplies. This makes the Useful resource Collector glide off to distant clusters which can be surrounded by enemies, versus safer areas. There have been even occasions once I needed to reload my save as a result of I couldn’t click on on deposits. And maps with a incandescent hazy glare made it onerous to see the sources themselves.

Aside from having to babysit Useful resource Controllers, I’ve observed egregious pathfinding issues and fight AI woes. In most RTS video games, deciding on a unit and right-clicking would trigger the unit to sail to that location. In Homeworld 3, nonetheless, right-clicking can typically trigger the motion disc interface to seem randomly (which implies you have got to left-click on a location as a substitute). Miss or cancel that immediate, and you may not discover that your items didn’t sail in any respect. There have been additionally moments once I would click on on a unit, but it surely would secure deselected a split-second later for no motive, as nicely as situations when items merely refused to assault seen targets. The complete endeavor made me really feel much less like an admiral micromanaging varied spacecraft and extra like I used to be simply attempting to chase down a bunch of unruly cats.

The Khar-Kushan’s fleet attempts to pass through an asteroid field in Homeworld 3.Gearbox Publishing

Unit stances (i.e., conduct) additionally want a little bit of work. There own been occasions once I had squadrons set to Impartial Stance (i.e., assault on sight, however don’t pursue), however they’d nonetheless wait idly by even when there are hostiles within the neighborhood. Aggressive Stance isn’t that useful both, since items are extra seemingly to have interaction total enemy teams on their very own.

I hit one portion of the marketing campaign the place all these issues got here to a head. It was throughout a mission referred to as The Lighthouse. The aim was to cross an asteroid discipline by hiding behind bigger chunks whereas avoiding smaller rocks that will crash into your ships. Models had been purported to end smaller asteroids as soon as they moved inside vary, and but there have been a number of situations once they didn’t observe this motion. I couldn’t repeat if this was because of weapon vary or one thing else, however unit conduct was pretty inconsistent. Points like that achieve a dent in promising sci-fi set items.

It’s Battle Video games!

Aside from the marketing campaign, Homeworld 3 presents a few multiplayer sport modes to take a look at your mettle. The primary is Skirmish, which allows you to choose Hiigaran or Incarnate forces to battle these managed by the AI or one other participant. The opposite is Battle Video games, a mix of sequential, bite-sized RTS missions and roguelike mechanics.

Homeworld 3 did hold me engaged for a time because of attractive visuals …

The aim in Battle Video games is to finish three quick missions per rush. Alongside the way in which, you possibly can get hold of Artifacts, which give bonuses to ships of a specific sort. These boons additionally carry over onto your subsequent rush. Co-op is enabled, too, which implies up to 3 gamers can be a part of forces to deal with the targets. Skirmish and Battle Video games matches even internet you expertise factors on your profile, unlocking beauty choices and beginning fleet compositions.

I largely performed Skirmish and Battle Video games solo. I didn’t discover these modes as partaking primarily because of the aforementioned bugs and the shortage of ship selection. Battle Video games engagements, which had been stuffed with numerous foes that spawned in waves, are messy chaos at finest. In the meantime, the roguelike nature and randomized rewards weren’t that fascinating. Though I used to be capable of strive co-op for Battle Video games whereas twiddling with different reviewers, both I or my teammates acquired disconnected in the midst of these matches. Sadly, this meant I didn’t obtain rewards or XP for that point. Hopefully, these points shall be hammered out rapidly.

The Incarnate and Hiigaran motherships face off in a multiplayer match in Homeworld 3.Gearbox Publishing

Homeworld 3 did hold me engaged for a time because of attractive visuals and thrilling tactical fight within the vastness of area. Efficiency-wise, I didn’t discover too many hiccups. With an Nvidia RTX 3080, Intel i9-10900K, and 32GB of RAM, I used to be capable of choose excessive graphical settings with out a hitch. Sadly, the marketing campaign’s account is a large step down from earlier installments. Missions, whether or not within the marketing campaign or in multiplayer modes, are stricken by innumerable points associated to unit pathing, controls, and instructions. It’s a disappointment that was 20 years within the making.

Homeworld 3 was reviewed on PC.

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