All XDefiant weapons and how one can unlock them

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XDefiant is a fast-paced first-person shooter with a wide range of gun sorts to pick from, providing you with a ton of decisions on how one can construct your loadouts. Whether or not you’re a run-and-gun form of particular person or want to sit down again and pop foes from afar, you’ll discover that there’s one thing right here that matches your playstyle. Nonetheless, you’ll have to first unlock a lot of the weapons by finishing challenges, and a few of them can require enjoying a particular method for a bit. Once you’re able to attain that, right here’s how one can unlock each gun in XDefiant.

Assault Rifles

There are presently 5 assault rifles accessible in XDefiant. These excel in medium- to long-range gunfights, however may carry out comparatively effectively up shut.

  • AK-47 – Deal 4,000 injury with assault rifles
  • ACR 6.8 – Accumulate 10 Longshot kills with assault rifles
  • M16A4 – Accumulate 20 headshot kills with assault rifles
  • M4A1 – Unlocked routinely
  • MDR – Attain tier 10 within the Preseason Battle Go (free)


There are presently four SMGs accessible in XDefiant. These are extraordinarily lethal in close-quarters fight, however expertise pretty robust injury drop-off at longer ranges.

  • MP5A2 – Unlocked routinely
  • MP7 – Accumulate 20 Level-Clean kills with SMGs
  • P90 – Accumulate 10 hip-fire kills with SMGs
  • Vector .45 ACP – Deal 10,000 injury with SMGs


There are presently three LMGs accessible in XDefiant. These are unbelievable at offering suppressive fireplace at a distance, however they’re additionally tedious, however highly effective injury sellers at any vary.

  • M249 – Unlocked routinely
  • M60 – Deal 5,000 injury to enemy gear with LMGs
  • RPK-74 – Deal 10,000 injury with LMGs

An XDefiant soldier looking at an explosion.Ubisoft


There are presently three shotguns accessible in XDefiant. These are the masters of point-blank firefights, although they’re just about ineffective at medium vary and past.

  • AA-12 – Accumulate 15 Level-Clean kills with shotguns
  • Double Barrel – Accumulate 10 hip-fire kills with shotguns
  • M870 – Unlocked routinely

Marksman Rifles

There are presently two marksman rifles accessible in XDefiant. These mix the run-and-gun expertise of an AR or SMG with high-risk/high-reward single-shot injury that may rapidly drop foes at any vary.

  • MK 20 SSR – Unlocked routinely
  • SVD – Accumulate 15 Longshot kills with marksman rifles

Sniper Rifles

There are presently two sniper rifles accessible in XDefiant. These are the last word long-range weapons, offering alternatives for one-shot kills on the expense of slower motion and aiming.

  • M44 – Unlocked routinely
  • TAC-50 – Accumulate 10 One-Shot kills with sniper rifles


There are presently 5 secondaries accessible in XDefiant. These are often reserved for expend as a final resort resulting from their decrease injury, however they generally is a important fraction of survival for those who race out of ammo in your major weapon.

  • 686 Magnum – Accumulate 5 kills rapidly after swapping weapons
  • 93R – Dash 240 seconds with a secondary weapon outfitted
  • D50 – Deal 1,000 injury with secondaries
  • M1911 – Accumulate 4 Level-Clean kills with secondaries
  • M9 – Unlocked routinely

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