All Teddy Bear places in Fallout 76

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There’s no disgrace in admitting that you just savor the corporate of a teddy bear in Fallout 76 over the ghouls and mutants. The truth is, we might in all probability choose spending time discovering these cuddly bears than fiddling with the opposite gamers, however these stuffed animals are a uncommon commodity within the wasteland. Technically, these are categorised as a junk merchandise that you could smash down for supplies, however who would finish one thing like that? These are distinguished show gadgets to beget your camp really feel extra like house, or simply one other annoying every day job you should full. No matter your motivations are, right here is the place you will discover every of the totally different teddy bear variations in Fallout 76.

All teddy bear places

There are 12 totally different variations of teddy bears that every one beget a definite shade sample, identify, and worth, however are in any other case an identical. Like most gadgets, they may be present in a ton of locations across the map, however these are the best spots to collect the one you’re searching for.

Bubblegum Bear

A map of the foundation in Fallout 76.Bethesda

Our first bear goes to be contained in the Basis. As soon as inside, travel to Ward’s trailer and decide it up off the sofa.

Camden Park Bears

A carnival stand in Fallout 76.Bethesda

There are a trio of bears up for grabs at Camden Park, which is sensible because it was a former amusement park. Move by means of the gates and switch fair to the Dross Toss recreation. You possibly can spot these three bears hanging from the stand as prizes, however you’ll be able to simply stroll up and consume them without cost. The three bears you’ll be able to collect listed below are the Quantum Bear, Comrade Chubs, and Lil’Ginger Snuggles.

Palace of the Winding Path bears

Three teddy bears lying on top of each other in Fallout 76.Bethesda

There’s one other set of three bears to gather, however this time over within the Palace of the Winding Path. Move in and begin strolling on the wood bridges connecting the towers over the water. Discover the very best tower and beget your method there. Inside, there will probably be three bears stacked on high of each other, together with the Stuffed Grizzly, Stuffed Polar Bear, and Imported Chinese language Panda.

Pristine Bear

A teddy bear in a train station in Fallout 76.Bethesda

For essentially the most well-preserved teddy bear within the wasteland, travel to Charleston Station, and the Pristine Bear will probably be hanging out on certainly one of the benches looking forward to a practice.

Soiled Frail Teddy Bear

A dirty old teddy bear on a table in Fallout 76.Bethesda

The one dependable plot to search out this ratty faded bear is down within the Burrows. It is advisable to travel all of the technique to the door resulting in the market however pause simply exterior and gawk on the desk beside it with a paint can and roll of rest room paper.

Tyler County Fairgrounds bears

A map to the fairgrounds in Fallout 76.Bethesda

The remaining set of bears are all in or across the Tyler County Fairgrounds. First, the Radbear is positioned on the outskirts of the objective in the massive wood shack on a desk subsequent to a pumpkin and cauldron.

The Bumblebear is positioned by the large slide on the east halt of the park. Climb up, and this bear is sitting at the highest of the primary slide subsequent to the steps.

At the middle of the park is a Nuka-Cola rocket with some bobbleheads and bottles on a desk beside it. Behold underneath the limited podium to search out the Teddy Dismay hiding out.

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